Sympathy & Funeral Flowers

Beautiful flower arrangements to convey your soothing sentiments

Pastel Floral Oasis

A pretty combo of light pinks, creams and touches of purple presented in a heavyweight square glass vase.  $125 as shown.

Pink Lily Admiration

Pink Lilies symbolize feminine admiration and love.  $150 as shown.

Pink Roses Symbolize Love

A dozen bi-color white and pink premium Roses presented in a tall vase for a beautiful token of sympathy. $175 as shown.

Sympathy in Yellows

This low centerpiece with pale yellow Roses and Mums inspires peace in an soothing way.  $85 as shown

Memorial Arrangement

A pleasing fresh Fall combo of oranges, reds and whites in a long and low centerpiece. The perfect floral memorial for someone you loved. As shown, $150.

Hydrangea Blue with Sunny Yellows

The prettiest blue Hydrangea with light yellow Roses with fragrant white Stock create a beautiful bouquet to gift to someone you love. As shown, $140.

Peach and Ivory Funeral Arrangement

This beautifully soothing arrangement with ivory and Peach easily transferrable from funeral home to cemetery was a thoughtful expression of sympathy $160, as shown.

Sympathy Bouquet

This elegant bouquet extended condolences with a message of comfort and support.  As shown, $140.

Patriotic Standing Spray

This sympathy spray for a former military officer conveyed respect for his service to our country to the grieving family at his funeral. Standing Sprays start at $175 and up.  $225 as shown.

Ivories and Peach Standing Spray

A lovely combo of ivories and peach premium Roses, Spray Roses, and Cremon Mums crafted into a standing spray is a thoughtful expression of sympathy well appreciated.  $250 as shown.

Standing Spray in Pure Whites and Ivories

A pleasing expression of sympathy in pure whites and ivories symbolizing purity and rebrith.  The perfect floral memorial for someone you loved. $325, as shown.

Standing Spray in Pinks

A standing spray in a range of pinks was the perfect expression of sympathy for a beloved's passing.  $350, as shown.